Wetland Delineations

Wetlands delineation has been a main area of focus for Mellon Biological Services, LLC (MBS) since 1986, with the completion of over 500 projects in all regions of Eastern Pennsylvania.

A Wetland Delineation is one of the most important needs for the development of any property.  It needs to be completed early in the process to determine which areas must remain as undisturbed wetland, which (if any) areas of wetland can be developed and what type of mitigation is needed to obtain wetland permits.  This information can then be used to help determine the buildable acreage.

MBS has delineated commercial and residential developments as large as five square miles and single lots of less than an acre. MBS has good working relationships with the permitting agencies in Pennsylvania – the Philadelphia and Baltimore Army Corps of Engineers districts, and the Pennsylvania State Agencies.

MBS has provided due diligence reconnaissance studies of potential purchase properties for wetlands and “Waters of the United States” and their classification (exceptional value, trout streams, etc.); woodlands; probable occurrences of rare or endangered species; and soil characteristics: soil types, steep slopes, septic suitability, depth to rock, and hydric soils.  Hydrologic, agronomic and ecological conclusions therein highlight potential site problems, as does a permitting chart for “Waters of the United States” (including wetlands) encroachments.

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