Other Services

Mellon Biological Services, LLC also does work in related fields. These include:

Habitat Creation and Restoration

We will design and oversee the installation of new natural habitats and restoration of disturbed habitats. Creating and restoring habitats is a very difficult task to complete well. It takes a complete understanding of the habitat; without this understanding, created or restored habitats often do not live up to expectations or fail.  Mellon Biological Services, LLC has the expertise to create and restore habitats with the proper features for any possible site in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Avian Protection Plan

We can create an avian protection plans for utility lines. These plans help protect bird species from death or injury and keep the utilities compliant with the current regulations.

Open Space Enhancement plans

We can help you transform your open space liabilities into assets.  This service provides information for developing and administering natural areas, including surveys of habitats and species; mapping of habitats, and sensitive areas; and designing public use and habitat management plans, which can include trail layout, public access options, and maintenance schedules.

Park Master Plans.

Mellon Biological Services, LLC can develop and implement a unique master plan for public parks. The Master Plan typically includes an inventory and analysis of physical components: topography, geology, soils and hydrology; biological components: Botany, mammalogy, herpetology and ornithology; ecological components: habitats; and recommendations: preservation, habitat management and public use plans so that you can get the most out any park.

Environmental Inventories

An environmental inventory provides a thorough understanding of the existing conditions of a property. The inventory will include any significant physical and biological features of the property. This allows for the appropriate future management of the site so that the key features will flourish and stand the test of time.

Habitat Delineation and Mapping

This is used in many of the other services offered. We will delineate, map, and document habitats (including wetlands) within the study area. This allows you to know what is on your property without the additional components of our larger products.

Endangered Species Avoidance

For new utility lines we can help determine potential problem areas to avoid before the project progresses past the planning stages. This can help reduce the cost and time needed for extensive endangered species studies and line reroutes, by avoiding the areas with possible habitat for endangered species.

Habitat Evaluation Plan

Habitat evaluation compares habitats within the site, based on the uniqueness of the organisms, the physical parameters and other significant features, to facilitate management decisions.

Habitat Management Plan

This usually follows a habitat evaluation plan. Mellon Biological Services, LLC will provide a plan for managing the habitats to protect those special features that warrant maximum preservation.

Public Use Plan

Uncontrolled public use can destroy those features that you spent valuable time, effort and funds to preserve.  Proper trail layout, public access options, educational use programs and maintenance schedules are essential for preserving your valuable assets.

Management and Public Use Plan Implementation

Proper execution separates valuable management and public use plans from dust collectors.  We will make your plans work, supervising implementation, assisting with volunteer group creation, and providing continued technical advice, as needed.

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